The Gold Coast council is currently investigating a proposal that will transform the current wastewater ponds found in Australia and make it into a giant solar panel farm in Australia. Solar panels in Gold Coast are now pretty common that this proposal is currently under deliberation to identify its merits and effects, if any.

A representative from the senior council said that they are considering the proposal. It entails that the wastewater ponds within the city will be installed with solar panels, which will float on the surface. This will then be responsible in generating the power required to operate the wastewater treatment plants, which in turn will decrease the operating costs, by the council.

If the proposal pushes through, it will also help in lowering the evaporation occurring at the ponds. It is still in the beginning days and it is not certain yet if it will come to fruition. If it happens, the city will be able to witness a number of advantages that will put Australia in advance state when it comes to solar power generation.

Plus the fact that the city, on average, gets about 4.2 hours of the sun’s full power which makes it the sunniest days in Australia.

According to the council, the city of Gold Coast currently has solar panels in various buildings as well as depots. They are also on the process of installing solar panels in the waste and recycling facilities within the city.

The officer also said that biogas is currently being utilized by one of the sewage treatment facilities for generating electricity. The Gold Coast Water and Waste, on the other hand, is trying to find more ways to develop energy from other sources that will prove to be more efficient.

The suppliers of the commercial solar panels in Gold Coast said that in order for a 100kw solar system to function, it requires about 400 solar panels that will cover a space of 660 square meters. The Merrimac wastewater facility operating under the council has a surface area of about 7500 square meters.

About Author: Christopher Williams