One of the most lucrative businesses in the world today are hotels and those similar to these ventures. More and more people are learning to love to travel around the world and not just in their country of origin. Asia has become one of the main continents that people are so intrigued to visit and one of the places that have become a famous destination is in Thailand.

A local real estate and hotel developer in Bangkok has created plans to build a hotel that is worth 400 million Baht in Bangkok’s prime area. A new hotel in Ploenchit is on the rise with this plan from the developer. Urban Hospitality Group aims to serve the tourists and business travellers in this prime location in building this hotel. This new hotel is will be the seventh property and the construction is expected to start in February 2018 and will open in mid-2019.

Ploenchit is an area in Bangkok, Thailand mainly for its business sites and buildings, embassies, and even shopping malls. The area is also full of luxury residences and sky train stations. A lot of other projects are also being developed in the area especially in the space that was formerly the location of the British embassy. Here, the Bangkok Hospital Group is building wellness centres, head offices of banks, additional hotels, and new luxury residences.  A new office is also set to be built and run by Raimon Land. Even beyond the Ploenchit area, there are also developments and projects being done and implemented. It has been found that the area within Ploenchit and around Ploenchit has incredible potential in attracting business investors and even tourists and travellers. It has been seen that tourism is continuously growing thus more and more foreign tourists are coming to Bangkok.

The new hotel in Ploenchit will boast of 120 rooms, a sky pool, and a Lyon restaurant. This hotel aims to be a four-star hotel with amenities and services that are comparable to higher, more luxurious hotels but at a rather cheaper price. There are other hotels in Ploenchit that are also similarly owned and each of these projects are operated separately. It is forecasted that by 2020, the total revenue of this hotel endeavour will climb to 1 Billion Baht.

About Author: Christopher Williams