Illustrated Maps are like any other maps. However, there is one distinction that separates an illustrated map from the other maps in the market today; they come with illustrations, as the word suggest. The map comes with pictures of landmarks and figures that help the user find his way from one point to the other, in a faster and easier manner. Maps have been utilized since time immemorial and though ancient maps have illustrations too, it is only recently that modern types of maps with clear illustrations and pictures have been introduced to the public. You can easily buy a map from a local bookstore but there’s more that you can get by having an illustrated map. Here are some of those reasons:

Clear landmarks and institutions

A positive attribute of illustrated map is that there are pictures and images that show landmarks or institutions in the area. This way, you can easily tell if a church is nearby because of a church illustration in the map. You can also tell if there is a river or a community nearby, a popular building or institution because of the drawings. Another feature of an illustrated map is that, you done need to be proficient of the English language or the language used in the map since you will only base the directions on the drawings.

Easy to understand

Illustrated maps provides road patterns. This way you can easily determine your location due to terrains drawn in the map. Illustrated map are more of visual aids so it becomes easier for the user to understand. If you are in a foreign country, an illustrated map would be most beneficial as it takes away the fear of being lost. Illustrated maps are easier to understand because of the numerous information available therein.


Traditional maps can be dry and boring. Compared to Illustrated Maps, traditional maps fall short in visuals. Illustrated maps are colorful making them more engaging and appealing to the eyes. If you need an illustrated map before you travel, choose a professional creator to ensure quality results.

About Author: Christopher Williams