At the Yanaguana Gardens at Hemisfair Park, children can be seen playing in the sandbox. The children do not know that the towering oak tree that is standing guard over the playground is a relatively new immigrant. The oak tree was previously located near the old convention center building but it has to be relocated when the complex was being demolished. Because the oak tree is well established in its new location, people particularly children do not know that it is a transplant.

Some oak trees need to find new homes by January that is why volunteers are racing against time to save the trees. Five trees in the area of Hemisfair Park have to be rescued and relocated otherwise, they will be cut down and the park will lose its shade. The city has no budget to save the trees that is why a fundraising campaign is underway to ensure that the trees will be transplanted to a new location. Saving the trees will require $75,000 and so far $42,000 has been raised.

Plans include the relocation of the trees to the new Civic Park in the space where the old convention center used to stand. Anne Krause of Hemisfair Conservancy is confident that the transplant program will be successful because they have already tried it on 8 mature trees. A team of experts will supervise the rescue and relocation to ensure that everything is done right.

The natural beauty of Hemisfair Park is a big draw to visitors. The life of people and trees are interconnected and communities have a sacred obligation to the next generation by saving trees. Trees are an important part of communities and they have to be saved for the future generation. Children run and play in the park and the shade provided by trees is very important.

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About Author: Christopher Williams