Last year on May 4, the entire day was dedicated to SharePoint. This year, another day on the month of May was dedicated to SharePoint and it fell on the 16th of May. During that day, Microsoft revealed their newest innovations with regards to SharePoint as well as One Drive. The May 16 event was referred to as the SharePoint Virtual Summit. For those who are not able to attend the event due to Sharepoint training in Perth, they will be able to search for the whole program via the internet.

Aside from this new reveal, there are other announcements made by the company thus it is recommended that you should watch the entire video of the event that lasted for two hours. Aside from those announcements, the main focus during that day was given to technologies developed to improve the knowledge management goals of different organizations.

It is common in majority of organizations to aim to find the right people with the right skills that will fit the project or can help in finding a solution. The profile created by SharePoint will make it possible to find the suitable expertise but it has been always rendered as a disconnected experience when one is trying to search as well as discover people’s expertise.

Last year, they introduced people card into the system which is why it is now possible to documents everyone who have contributed since everything is recorded in a library. The contexts show more of the people card compared to the profile page alone thus it reminds everyone that the information on the profile should always be updated.

A new feature that has been announced is that people card will now be included in the search results. More information will be provided about the people that are included on the search results without leaving the same page. It is now easier to find the right people with compatible expertise and make connections and it can also help in the person’s success.

To learn more about this management goals, one should take Share point training in Perth. It will enlighten topics such as practice in communities which is important in management and other essential tools.

About Author: Christopher Williams