According to the recent report published by Hays, a recruitment firm, there is an evident short supply of workers in various sectors in the country. This report coincides with the published date from the ABS last month that there are a total of 1.168 million people that are currently employed under the construction industry in Australia. This number has been adjusted according to season. The rise in demand for construction employees is fuelled by office refurbishment in Sydney as well as the entire country.

If the data is to be looked at, in the last year alone, the construction sector employed another 100,000 workers. The report from Hays said that the construction industry of Australia is going strong and remain to be one of the reasons why the economy is soaring. This is evident in the demand for more workers as well as vacancies in various positions. The data also clarified that levels of activity is not the same all throughout and may vary from one location to another.

In the latest 2017 Hays Global Skills Index, there is a wider gap between mismatched gaps. This gap exists between the skills of the people seeking for employment and the skills that the employers are looking for in their workers. In the last year, the gap is wider than before. If the skills in demand are to be used as a basis, there is a short supply of workers with the right skills suited for the industry.

The overall score of the nation is back at 5.5 which is a number that was last seen in 2013. It is one of the major indicators that there is a high level of pressure that is blanketing over the job industry. This means that it is harder for companies to find people with the right skills compared to the previous years.

As a whole, Hays explained that one of the reasons why the construction industry is thriving is because of the high level of activity in the residential sector and office refurbishment in Sydney which increases the demand for contract administration, construction managers as well as project heads.

About Author: Christopher Williams