Three women based in New York are expected to be on the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issuein 2018.It is a bikini sport that the brand wants to offer for this year.

Allie Ayers (24), Michelle Vidal (27) and Tabria Majors (34) are among the women contending for a photoshoot for the conventional pose of the magazine. Thousands of hopefuls have sent applications for the magazinevia Instagram early part of this year.

Last May, the magazine narrowed down the thousands of hopefuls to 35 women. All of them went to Brooklyn for a second casting call and to meet the magazine’s editor, undergo interviews and wear bikinis for the so-called photoshoot. Contenders had to showcase their bikini sport for the best choices.

That group had been down to 15, which will be sent to a Miami activity next week. There, they will exhibit the new line of apparels of the brand during a runway show on July 22nd.

The next move will be to choose one among the outstanding women to cover the 2018 issue.

The three New York-based women will have a hand for the Miami festivities. MJ Day, the magazine’s editor says they chose to open the contest publicly as they knew lots oftalented contenders with their bikini sport are just outside the modellingindustry.

Day explained that they wanted to open this casting call, for simple reasons that casting for models can be done using conventional approaches by modelling agencies. It is very clear to us that there are many extraordinarily beautiful women in the world that exist outside the industry. In his interview last May, he said that “by making these possibilities, women can apply using their own videosat their own senses, and we hope to find a new star for the photoshoot.”

The woman chosen to appear in the magazine will not replace anyone. Instead, all its icons are still out for proposition from the magazine. They just need to stay fit for a bikini sport happening in the future.

The SI Swimsuit issue are always out by February, though the 2018 edition’s release date has not been disclosed.

About Author: Christopher Williams