With world trend shifting towards concerns about energy efficiency, LED lights, such as LED strip lights 12v, and ‘smart’ tech, such as remote home control apps, have grown in popularity in recent years. In Australia, homes integrated with ‘smart tech’, in which the owner can control the home via the Internet through their smart phone; lighting, media devices, electronics, climate control, etc., are now becoming more and more popular.

A home integrated with smart tech is a ‘smart home’. The remote control its technology affords allows the owner fine control of their house, and any object in it; ie. they can turn off dishwashers, turn on lights, etc., which would allow them to reduce energy costs for their home.

Following the imperative for energy efficiency, a lot of Australian homes also had solar panels installed onto them. Notably, solar power and smart home tech are not mutually exclusive, since solar energy and its subsequent maintenance will become an integral part of the smart home model, if the current trends follow. The solar energy devices and systems of today often possess online monitoring features, meaning that they could easily be integrated alongside smart home technology. If that is, indeed, the case, then smart home technology would be present in more Australian homes than as of current times.

Online monitoring combined with solar power and smart home technology is seeing a rise, with smart homes powered with solar and battery power being proposed. According to SMA America’s Brad Dore, “the future of solar lies in intelligent energy management”, and that new products would, ideally, possess integration for PV, storage, monitoring and control, all with the aim of maximizing energy efficiency and reducing costs for homeowners.

As the world prioritizes energy efficiency, it is leading to major growth for the smart home market.

Another potential benefit of these solar smart homes is alleviating grid stability issues, since they will switch over to battery power during peak demand.

With the regular consumer finding energy efficiency more and more appealing by the day, those LED strip lights 12v, are becoming more akin to accessories for the technology of smart, solar-powered homes.

About Author: Christopher Williams