The summer season is all about the sun, the beach and the pool. Swimming pools, particularly, is a fun way to enjoy the summer especially when you are joined by friends and family. Infinity pools, backyard pools, public pools, any pool will do. They all give the same enjoyment and leisure.

Unfortunately for the people of Orange, Texas, the City of Orange’s public pool may not be able to open this summer season because the YMCA of Port Arthur is currently experiencing a shortage on lifeguards. YMCA Port Arthur is the one responsible for supplying the public pool with lifeguards.
YMCA Port Arthur’s aquatic coordinator, Charles Milich, had admitted that they were running short on people.

Pool safety should always be practiced when engaging in pool activities. Unfortunately, lifeguards are essential to pool safety and without them, the public pool of Orange may not be able to open.

They say that the problem is not with the teen work force. In fact, 38 percent of the teens of Jefferson County are part of the labor force.

But this does not change the fact that even the YMCA itself is understaffed. Milich said that almost every department has an opening. He would like to have at least ten lifeguards from fall to spring but now he would have to make do with seven.

It is still a mystery as to how staffing has become such an issue.

Children would have to pass a swimming test before they are allowed to go to the deep end of the pool so there wouldn’t be much saving needed.

To counter this shortage, the City of Orange had begun marketing their lifeguard openings to various schools and colleges but the problem is that nobody seems to aspire in becoming a lifeguard.

The city pays slightly above the minimum wage and for pool supervisors, the pay is much higher.

The lifeguard problem would appear to be present throughout the state and it is still unknown as to why kids have lost interest in lifeguard jobs.

A likely reason for this somehow is that college students prefer to seek other employments.

About Author: Christopher Williams