Texas continues to reach a higher level in the number of states that are considered to have the most effective policy in property tax. One great contributing factor is the residents applying for their Texas tax ID. According to an article published by the USA Today in April 2017, Texas came on second place as the state with the most efficient property tax. The data wherein the list was determined came from ATTOM Data Solutions.

According to state Senator Paul Bettencourt from Houston, they are going in the wrong path. The most worrisome issue is the amount that the people have to pay in the end. This is what they refer to as tax bill. Bettencourt used to be a tax assessor and collector at the Harris County.

The senator said that the tax rate is only one part of the real problem because the increase in valuations has already resulted to the property tax bills increasing in a significant rate.

He added that Harris County has seen a 36 per cent increase in the revenue for property taxes in the last three years and that is a considerable amount.

The state constitution in Texas has made it possible for them not to collect income tax but is that an advantage to the residents of the state?

According to the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, Dale Craymer, it is a general knowledge that the individual will always pick the lower option when it comes to taxes.

Craymer’s organization received its funding mainly from businesses that are also paying huge tax bills. He said that businesses based in Texas received less favor when it comes to taxation. Families and individuals, on the other hand, have a better hand when it comes to the tax they are burdened with in comparison to Americans in other states.

Texas ranked as 34th state to have the heaviest tax burden, based on Wallet Hub’s data in 2017. This is a combination of taxes in sales, income and property. This is one of the reason why everyone is willing to apply for a Texas tax ID as the burden is not too heavy for families and individuals.

About Author: Christopher Williams