Mosquito illnesses often bring about serious problems in tropical countries. You may be too concerned about malaria or dengue which can happen in large cities and resort towns, but it’s also high risk in rural Thailand. It’s one reason why you should have medical insurance in Thailand for healthcare protection.

Travel medical clinics keep people well informed about malaria zones. To battle malaria, you need to take anti-malarial medications. These are medications usually prescribed by doctors but may have bad side effects. When you enter a malaria zone, you are often required to take anti-malarial medicine. Discuss this with your physician on what proper medicines to take.

Another thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to use repellents containing DEET. When you travel to a malaria zone, treatment of Permethrin on all your clothing is highly recommended. You may also want to resort to medical insurance in Thailand for protection so the insect will not come near you and feed on your blood.

Zika Virus does exist in Thailand as of the moment. Its current status is not yet completely known in which area, but it is good to take precautionary measures before the insect bites you. You may wish to put insect repellent on your skin. Something that includes DEET.

Travel to Thailand with Vaccination for Prevention

Try to recall if you had a complete vaccination when you were still a child. If your parents missed to give you the required vaccination, you may want to speak with a medical practitioner before you travel to Thailand. It will also be wiser if you check your medical insurance in Thailand if vaccines are available for this purpose.

Many physicians recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A, seasonal influenza, and tetanus. Having Hepatitis B vaccines is a great idea as well. Talk to your doctor on the possibilities for protection.

Meanwhile travel clinics recommend Japanese encephalitis vaccination for some travellers. The advice will be based on your medical history and which part of the country you will visit. Typhoid vaccine is apt for travellers who try various types of food including street food. Vaccinations will really have to rely on you and your doctor, so it’s always great that you have medical insurance in Thailand to cut down costs.

About Author: Christopher Williams