Dublin city’s southern part is home to trees that are averaging a hundred years old. These trees vary in height from 60 feet to 70 feet. While the city is preserving these trees, as tree lopping Perth is taking care of old trees, they had to be removed after Storm Ophelia hit the area. The city assigned an expert tree surgeon to do the job.

The Dublin City Council has contracted Redwood Tree Services to perform landscaping as well as tree lopping services to the city. They are also the ones who removed the large trees reaching 65 feet in height located on St Mary’s Road. The removal took place during the storm.

According to Graham Stanley who works for Redwood, the tree did not fall yet during the removal but they have determined it to be unstable. Gardai decided to evacuate everyone living in the property where the tree is located because it was already swaying during the storm. They were able to remove it before it can cause harm or damage.

The following morning, they removed the tree located at Ranelagh’s Northbrook Road. This time the tree is taller at 70 feet and it has already fallen and hit a house. The property suffered two broken windows and guttering. The good news is that there was no one inside as it is for sale.

Mr. Stanley said that they have already seen the tree a day before and informed the council right away. The removal required the use of a crane so they contacted a company. The removal took them 4.5 hours because they have to cut it by sections.

The third tree they removed was 60 feet tall located in Ballbridge’s Clyde Road. It hit a number of apartments and it was against three windows. The good news is that there was very limited damage. They are still working on removing fallen trees but they are confident that all those potential threats have already been removed. This is first and foremost their duty, the same as companies servicing tree lopping Perth.

About Author: Christopher Williams