Need a time out from the office work that is piling up on your desk? Looking for a breather from the suffocating life at home? Are you looking for a place or activity to unwind and just sit back and take your mind away from all the stresses of the world? I created a list on how you can enjoy your day off and just step away from the weight of your day to day life.

  • Movie marathon. Keep the popcorn popping while enjoying a movie or two in the comfort of your own home. Keep the movie light not to stress you out on sad or horrific endings.
  • Take a walk. Just thinking about seems a very tiring task to do. But you got to try it first before you complain. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Savour each sight you pass by. The key here is not to pressure yourself to go on a specific pace but rather you need to take your time and enjoy every moment. This will have your heart pumping and your happy hormones will soon take over.
  • Dip in the water. Nothing is more relaxing than a dip in a hot pool or tub. Put on your favourite music while drenching in fresh clear water.
  • Cook to your heart’s desire. Cooking for yourself or for your family releases tension on your nerves and the aroma of what you are cooking will tickle your senses and makes you feel happy.
  • Shop until you drop. Shopping for no reason seems to be a little extravagant but why not try window shopping, this would give you the opportunity for you to price prospective buys in the future.
  • Visit a spa. What would be more soothing than a whole body massage and a fresh manicure and pedicure?
  • Get back with old friends. Seeing old friend for your hometown or from your college is a sure way to detox yourself from the harsh reality of everyday life. Chilling and killing time in a 24 hour bar in Bangkok is the finest way to rekindle old friendship over good food and drinks.

About Author: Christopher Williams