The whole world is aware of how Thailand manages to attract tourists in spite of challenges. More visitors are arriving from Europe, the US and neighbouring countries in Asia in spite of the military coup, floods, political protests and global financial crises. Apart from the usual shopping expeditions and sightseeing, visitors are flocking to private spa resort in Phuket for holistic treatments, gastronomic choices and private relaxation.

Thailand is world renowned for its golden temples, endless span of beaches and smiling hosts. On the other hand, it has also gained a reputation of overcrowded airports, epic traffic jams and seashores that are filled with trash. A deluge of Chinese tourists has strained the airports to their fullest capacity and yet tourists continue to arrive every day.

Thailand is spending billions to be able to upgrade its infrastructure and open new islands for visitors. It is also working to tone down the image of cheap shopping and sex. The government is making all efforts to enhance the image of Thailand by cracking down sex tourism and raiding bars in the red-light district. Attempts are also being made to clean beaches and reducing littering. Last month, a smoking ban was imposed on 21 popular beaches that include Pattaya and Krabi

The country is working towards a future where the capacity of its international airports can be doubled to meet the demands of an increasing numbers of foreign tourists. The upgrade will prioritize Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports because they are running at 40% beyond the designed capacity.

With the addition of new terminals, facilities and another runway, Bangkok will able to handle about 130 million visitors a year including outbound and inbound trips. A regional airport will also be built in the south of Betong. A new international terminal in Phuket is expected to become the gateway to surrounding regions that include PhangNga and Krabi.

Thailand is also one of the top destinations for medical tourism. High end secluded private spa resort in Phuket that is nestled in picturesque lush woodlands offer holistic healing and healthy cuisine to enhance physical, spiritual and mental fitness. The tranquil surroundings are also perfect for a romantic getaway.

About Author: Christopher Williams