While it is still common to hire furniture storage in Sydney, the same cannot be said in Canada. Currently, the self-storage lockers are a growing trend in the region as more and more consumers are availing of this service.

Self-storage is, safe to say, a popular business in Canada. Unlike hiring a furniture storage company, you will have the control of the storage space and you can store as much as you like. In comparison to Americans, it has a lot of room for improvement since their storage space for every room is only two square feet while in America it is nine square feet. This is why many feels the need for the domestic industry to be improved.

As of the moment, the industry insiders are busy in monitoring the progress of about three dozen sites that are dedicated to be made as self storage located all over Toronto. According to the business development manager, Dave Allan, that number of development is equal to more than two million square feet of storage space.

Apple is also leading on the storage scene in the country as it has a total of 400,000 square feet of storage space opened for rent in the southern part of Ontario.

A new name, Dymon Storage which is originally based in Ottawa, is now coming to the market to offer a bigger option for consumers. They claim that they are going to be the biggest storage facility in the globe. It will be located at western Toronto in the Etobicokedistrict which is just across from the Ikea store.

The senior vice president of the company, Steve Creighton, said that they are planning to open the first phase within this year and it is expected to occupy around 500,000 square feet. There will be storage lockers available for miles with different sizes. There will also be a wine storage of world-class standard that will be found on the site.

As Australians are still relying on the companies offering furniture storage in Sydney, Canada is on their way to making sure that consumers will have a lot of options when it comes to storage solutions.

About Author: Christopher Williams