Before the rare earth magnets were developed, Alnico magnets were considered to be the strongest type of permanent magnets. Rare earth magnets are stronger and more powerful that is why they became the choice for various applications that required permanent magnets. However, Alnico magnets in Brisbane are still widely used for both commercial and industrial applications that require high magnetic fields and resistance to demagnetization.

A loudspeaker is a very basic electromagnetic motor with a voice coil that moves in and out in response to a signal. The voice coil creates a magnetic field that works against a magnet and tries to demagnetize it. However, the magnet is able to generate energy in the opposite direction so that everything becomes a back and forth struggle. When a cone is glued to a moving voice coil, motion is harnessed to make it audible.

The voice coil is an example of an electric motor that makes use of magnets to affect the speaker’s overall tone. In the 1950’s, the first speakers made use of alnico magnets to produce that “vintage” sound. Alnico magnets are composed of aluminium, nickel and cobalt. The alloy has the capability to demagnetize easily to generate a smooth response with compression at higher average volumes.

During the 1960’s, speakers using ceramic magnets because highly popular. The most common ceramic magnet used was strontium ferrite magnet that demagnetizes more easily than alnico magnets. The ceramic magnet does not introduce compression so that there is cleaner sound compared to the alnico magnets.

Some folks referred to the difference between alnico and ceramic magnets to the differences between the tube and solid state amplifiers. While the comparison cannot be considered as fair, the differences between the speakers are not as strictly contrasted as the differences between two types of amplifiers. A very efficient alnico speaker can be created by simply changing the size of the magnet.

Not all projects require the strength and power of permanent magnets. When you need a different type of magnet that is ferromagnetic, your best option is Alnico magnets in Brisbane that have high coactivity and resistance to loss of magnetism. They are available in a wide range of sizes, grades and shapes to suit every need.

About Author: Christopher Williams