In order to provide the highest quality of care to a patient, Cynergy PT focuses on the unique needs of the patient. Patients requiring physical therapy can include endurance athletes, competitive athletes or individuals that have sustained injuries in an accident. Through the latest treatments and state of the art equipment, Cynergy PT makes the recovery and rehabilitation process faster and more efficient.

Nancy Brown is a travel writer in Lafayette, California who had her hips replaced first in 2012 and the second last July. Her surgeon told Nancy that she can no longer ride a horse or ski after the hip replacement surgery due to hip dysplasia. However, Nancy was willing to give up skiing but not horseback riding.

Nancy Brown made a compromise with her surgeon that she will comply with her physical therapy regimen and she will go to the clinic twice as week as well as complete all the assigned exercises. At home, Nancy has to draw the alphabet in the air using her foot and she should lift her knee up and down while lying on her side. She also has to do water aerobics at least five days a week, take the stairs when she can and pull over each hour and walk around when she is on the road.
Physical therapy is preparing Nancy to get back into the saddle. She wants the treatment to work and she is bent on following the doctor’s orders. In fact, physical therapy at home is more important than the time spent at the clinic. The work of a physical therapist is limited and patients should be committed to the treatment plan if they want to recover.

Nancy has her goal and that is to ride horses again. This makes her committed to her home regimen and keeps her motivated for the long haul. An overwhelming number of people cannot change their behavior and they lose their motivation so that they forget what doctors say.

It is also important to find a physical therapist that is well matched with the patient so that there will be a pleasant relationship that can encourage compliance. Good rapport with the physical therapist can also lead to better outcome.

About Author: Christopher Williams