People today are more inclined to spend a vacation in places where they can experience a unique adventure. One of the most ideal summer getaways is Thailand where you can find affordable luxury hotel in Sathorn that is within walking distance from the city’s traditional sights. However, another option if plans push through is Plant Ocean Underwater Hotels that will be located 30 feet below sea level.

This is just a dream which may or may not come true. In April, Tony Webb of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels announced its business plans to partner with the hotel industry and open the world’s largest underwater luxury boutique hotel to change the way that people think of vacation.

Plant Ocean has picked 15 undersea locations for its hotels and coral reef restoration projects. The proposed sites include the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. The underwater hotel will allow a guest an intimate view of the undersea life. Part of the plans of Planet Ocean is to invest 5% of the total hotel construction cost to marine conservation. There is also a commitment to invest 10% of guest room proceeds to coral reef restoration.

The ambitious project is a brainchild of Webb who is well versed with miniature submarines. Although Webb has spent more than a decade in the development of space tourism model, the idea of building hotels under the waters never left his mind. In 2013, he invested his undivided attention to the world underneath the sea.

The idea of an underwater hotel is certainly unique but a new frontier has to be conquered in spite of the obvious challenges. The two basic fabrication materials will be steel and acrylic to withstand the onslaught of a severe underwater event. Using a top secret ballast control system, the hotel will rise to the ocean surface and wait out whatever natural events occur under the water.

An underwater suite will be the height of luxury. While waiting for this unique vacation experience, you can spend summer in a luxury hotel in Sathorn where you will experience service that is fitted for royalty in the comfort of a private haven.

About Author: Christopher Williams