Bangkok, being a major tourist destination in Asia, is teeming with hotels starting from the most basic accommodation up to luxurious 5 star hotels. If you are planning to visit Bangkok for a few days or for a longer period, look for a hotel that will make it easier for you to do all your tourist stuff while remaining safe and comfortable. Bangkok has several busy districts but to make your stay in the city a convenient and enjoyable one, look for a hotel near Bangkok’s most reliable transportationwhere you can get to your target destinations faster and in a convenient manner. Here are some of the reasons why booking in a hotel near BTS Nana is a good choice.

Affordable hotel accommodations

In Bangkok, you will never run out of hotel choices. Because of stiff competition in the industry, hotels are generally cheaper while services and amenities are kept top of the line to encourage more customers. Do not be surprised if you find 5 star hotel near BTS Nana at a shockingly low rate.  You just have to book in advance to ensure that you will have an accommodation during your travel especially during tourist season.

Lively area

Since the area is within the commercial district of Bangkok, it remains to be alive even late at night. The area is filled with happy shoppers, expats and foreign nationals, commuters, exotic must-taste street foods, pedestrians and several sights and sounds that make the area an interesting place to walk around and discover.

Commercial district

In BTS-Nana, you can find lively streets with numerous commercial establishments such as cosy cafes, posh restaurants,huge 5 star hotels, world class shopping malls and entertainment centres. You can also check out the night markets and the different floating markets around Bangkok. Also, when you book in a hotel near BTS Nana, you can easily take a ride to historical sites, tourist spots and ancient temples around in the area. Get a local map to avoid getting lost in Bangkok and book in advance to get hotel deals.

About Author: Christopher Williams