The city of Toledo is almost ready to move forward with its free roof program after it has chosen the lucky applicants from the list of 1,000 homeowners. Last February, Toledo Neighbourhood’s Department announced that it would operate a roof repair and replacement program for 10 qualified homeowners. From the first day of application last February 13, a veritable stampede of homeowners arrived at the city hall.

Applications from 983 people were thoroughly reviewed by the city employees. According to Bonita Bond’s of the neighbourhood association, many of the applications were rejected because they had too much money. Some did not have insurance while the rest have not lived in the home for at least 3 years. A long list of requirements was developed by the city of Toledo to qualify for the program.

The city of Toledo will be using $100,000 worth of funds from federal Community Development Block Grants from multiple years to pay for roof repairs or replacements and other related repairs on gutters, downspouts roof flashing and chimney repairs.

Homeowners that have an annual household income that do not exceed 80% of the area median income were considered eligible. To put it simply, annual household income for one person is $39,000, $44,600 for two, $50,150 for three and $55,700 for four people living in a home.

Ebenezer Osei-Kwame immediately realized that the 983 applicants will not be served by the program that is why they made a shortlist of 33 individuals but some of the homeowners were eliminated for various reasons. They wanted the process to be fair and transparent.

Repair work on 4 homes exceeded $8,000 while 7 of the applicants did not have home insurance. Four homeowners were making too much money and another four were delinquent with their taxes. One property owner’s home was due for demolition because of tax delinquency.

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About Author: Christopher Williams