For some people, heaven means being able to spend time at the beach or trekking through forests. However, summer vacations are usually expensive particularly if it is an international jaunt. A summer vacation does not necessarily need to cost a fortune because a $500 budget that provides the best value can be just as memorable as a vacation package of $5,000.

How to make the summer sojourn exciting but affordable

According to Keith Nowak, the earlier you book for flight and accommodations, the better. says that a US travel if booked 54 days in advance will provide the biggest discounts. Best flight prices are found when you book between 3 weeks and 3 ½ months in advance. However, since summer is special, book tickets 76 days prior to your date of travel.

Search for airline prices during Tuesday afternoons and if you see a good deal, grab it. Airfare prices are usually set in morning of Tuesday after the airline analysts find out what their competitors are charging. Around 3 PM on a Tuesday afternoon is the best time to book for a flight.

It is very common to experience hidden costs when staying in hotels like occupancy fees, tourism tax, newspaper delivery and internet service. Know where to look to save on the costs of your accommodation. To really amp up savings, spend the summer in a place where you get the best value for the dollars. There are tourist destinations like Thailand where luxury accommodations are very affordable.

Save on the cost of transport by downloading ride sharing apps instead of renting a car. It also makes sense to choose a hotel based on location. There a hotels in favourablelocations, that is walking distance of restaurants, bars, entertainment and public transport.

Even if value hotel in Sukhumvit is located in the centre of Bangkok, you will still enjoy a peaceful environment without the hassle of city life. All attractions are easily accessible with the BTS (Skytrain) half a kilometre away. Travel time to the airport is 45 minutes in normal traffic. A park is just across the street and shopping malls 500 meters away.

About Author: Christopher Williams