If you want to create a rustic ambiance in your home, the best choice would be hardwood feature wall that combines the best quality of old timber with modern design. Aside from highlighting the living spaces, the feature wall can be used on partitions, kitchen island faces, entrance hallways and ceiling features as well as the bathroom and outdoor living spaces.

If Gramazio Kohler Research has its way, buildings of the future will be made by robots. There are different kinds of robots with each of them programmed to perform a specific type of work using a different material to generate a unique type of structure. The researchers, who are led by professors Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler of ETH Zurich, intend to “examine changes in architectural production requirements that result from introducing digital manufacturing techniques.”

The research and development effort will focus on anticipating and eventually generating construction processes towards a robot-filled future through interdisciplinary collaborations. The GKR experiments are part of ETH Domain, a research network that is composed of universities and includes ETH Zurich and other independent research institutes that are based in Switzerland.

The project that was undertaken by 8 ETH Zurich research professors aims to build the first digitally-planned, designed and constructed structure. The project is expected to be completed in 2018 through full scale research endeavours and cooperation with other research teams.

The research team made use of wood construction techniques in order to cut down on wood waste and find useful applications for the abundant softwood resources of Switzerland. The Complex Timber Structures will experiment grafting together of precisely cut lengths of woods through different joinery techniques that include glue impregnation to be able to create tessellated geometric forms. 3-dimensional truss structures will be linked together to create a comparatively strong arrangement that is lightweight in nature.

Different technologies are now being used to create unique feature walls. In the creation of hardwood feature wall, tiles are put together to create a stunning feature panel wall that lives and breathes class and individuality. Each of the tiles was crafted from premium century-old reclaimed timbers to achieve a natural and rustic feel.

About Author: Christopher Williams