Last March 28, a ground-breaking ceremony took place to mark the official beginning of the construction efforts for a pre-school located in Lavenham. One designed specifically to take into account the health, safety and education of children with special needs.

The ceremony was a celebration lead by the pre-school’s manager Katherine Eves and the Lavenham Parish Council’s chairman, Carroll Reeve, with villagers attending to support the construction project.

The pre-school is being built by the painters and decorators Northampton Scotts of Thrapston, known in the region for their specialization in construction projects designed specifically for environs such as education, living, and leisure.

The building is timber-framed, and, when construction finishes, will have the space to accommodate 48 pupils. It will contain several key amenities, such as a purpose-built play space, designed to be bright, spacious and safe for the children, staff room, among other things. There will also be additional space for office needs, and a special area to support the children that require special educational needs.

As one would expect of a pre-school project, part of the build includes a large, open, outdoor area for the kids to play in. This particular play area will use natural resources, and will, hopefully, aid in the children’s learning experience and development one way or another.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by numerous parents and families from the surrounding region. Their attendance during the event is a sign of their support for the construction project and what it entails and represents.

Katherine Eves has expressed her appreciation for those that have decided to show their support for the endeavor, which is an extension of current funded educational services being provided to the parents of Lavenham.

She adds that the prefab nature of the building will, ideally, allow it to be finished by September, which is when the families of surrounding areas receive additional funded childcare time, doubling from 15 hours to 30 hours.

Scotts of Thrapston, the painters and decorators Northampton, are currently working on the construction on Barn Street, but the final location is set to be on Church Street, near the Lavenham Village Hall.

About Author: Christopher Williams