Bangkok is one of the world’s best cities that can offer great food. You can choose from Michelin star restaurants, international food, fast food chains, mid-range chain restaurants, small family-run restaurants and street vendor foods. Bangkok has it all including Bangkok Japanese restaurants, which you can try when you get there. Here are lists of Bangkok foods along with personal recommendations:

International Food

You can find many eateries in Bangkok that serve Indian, American, British and French cuisines. Wherever you will be staying in Bangkok, there’s always an area to find here. You may also wish to try Bangkok Japanese restaurants like those you find in Soi Thaniya just near Silom. You may want to spend an hour in these Japanese eateries and see executives coming in and out alone or in groups.

Thai Family Restaurants

Not many foreigners get a chance to experience Thai family restaurants. These places are hard to spot and may have them not know where to find it. At a glance, it may seem an old house with shutter doors left open. But if you look closely, you can see a family member chopping chicken and cooking noodles at the front of the shop. It is decorated with flimsy metal tables and chairs with bare walls. The food served is uncommon and are offered reasonably. It also offers a more comprehensive menu than those compared to what street vendors offer. You may want to try spicy sea food salad served with noodles.

Chain Restaurants

There are also high quality but fairly priced chain restaurants in Bangkok, which are usually located in supermarkets or shopping centres.Why not try Bar B Q Plaza, which is a favourite among tourists for the mini gas heated grill at the centre of the table. You can also order plates that you personally cooked with dipping sauce, garlic and lime you can mix by yourself. There’s also Fuji, a popular chain of Bangkok Japanese restaurants, which you savour curries, tempura, gyoza and the famous sushi..

If you are out to try Thai foods, there are other great choices to buy one and enjoy a great meal. Just don’t stick to what your hotel provides. Go out and explore which places you want to go and try a delectable meal.

About Author: Christopher Williams