The legacy that Les Boelter left behind remains to be a strong force in Winona as the folding carton company celebrates its 50 years in the business. The prices of moving boxes for sale in the market may have increased by WS Packaging continues what they do best, manufacturing foldable boxes for a variety of product needs. Their operation might continue for a long time with no end in sight as its success never wavers. It was 1969 when Boelter decided to establish the business in Winona. It was originally called Boelter Industries but because of the change of ownership that occurred in 2012, it is now known as WS Packaging.

According to Richard Whalen, the general manager, every year, the company produces around 176 million pieces of folding cartons which equates to a weekly production of about 3.5 million cartons.

The packages that were produced by the company have been used by leading products all over the country. Whalen said that the success of WS packaging lies in its heart which is the 100 staffs they have. In average, each of them has been in the company for 15 years.

He added that employees are their priority as they are the backbone of the manufacturing company.

The entire company along with its staffs is proud that the boxes and cartons they produce everyday are being used by consumers. The same with any other manufacturers that is located in Winona.

Whalen is proud of their workforce because of their loyalty to the company. They are proud of what the company is doing.

The employees play various roles inside WS Packaging from designing, printing, cutting, folding, checking quality and shipping out the items to their clients. This is done five days every week. The entire manufacturing plant spans 136,000 square foot and this is where all the action takes place. The company has a warehouse located in Fourth Street in Winona and a plant located in Wabasha.

Whalen said that a number of the equipment and machines used by the company for making moving boxes for sale and food packaging cartons are actually designed and made by WS Packaging.

About Author: Christopher Williams