January is the ideal season to visit Thailand because the rainy season is over and the winter months is already starting and will lasts for a couple of months in the country. If you are hoping to have a dip at one of the beaches or at Chiang Mai resort then you won’t be disappointed because you will still be able to. For the beaches, the average temperature is only 27 degrees Celsius. This is what many people called the ideal time to visit which means it is also the peak season for tourists. This is why travellers are advised to book their flights and accommodations as early as possible.

The kingdom of Thailand has a total of 77 provinces and is bigger two times compared to the United Kingdom. The country has a lot to offer and it is not possible to visit each and everyone if you only plan to stay in the country between one and two weeks. If you have limited time, here are the places worth visiting first.

Koh Phangan is located in Surat Thani Province and is known because of the great diving spots in the area. Majority of the visitors though are visiting because of the popular Full Moon Party. If you are going to the island on New Year’s Eve or even the 2nd of January, you must have an accommodation booked before the dates.

Koh Chang is found in the Trat Province which is in the eastern part of Thailand. It is one of the largest islands that are situated at the Gulf of Thailand. For those who plan to stay, accommodation options are endless such as hostels, resorts, guest houses and hotels. If you want to stay in an exclusive and quiet beach, it is also possible in the island. The island has a lot to offer in terms of nature trekking because it is filled with waterfalls and jungle.

Chiang Mai in English translates to new city and it is Lanna kingdom’s capital between 1296 and 1558. This is the largest city located in the north of Thailand. Visitors can book a Chiang Mai resort because the temperature tends to stay at 60 degrees Fahrenheit the entire month of January.

About Author: Christopher Williams